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MLM Names New President & CEO

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Joe Banks Former VP of Operations, Joe Banks has been promoted to President & CEO of Man Lift Mfg. Co (MLM). The move comes in response to the expansion of MLM’s position in engineered solutions and product markets.

Phil Sprio, former President of MLM will continue his role as President and CEO of Ultra Armoring & Defense (UAD) and Metal Works Mfg. Co. (MWM), two of the other wholly owned entities of parent company, Universal Mfg. Co (UMC).

“Due the rapidly changing landscape of the 3 divisions, we need to continue to leverage our leadership and their concentration,” said Thomas Hance, CEO & President of UMC.

Located in Shelby, NC, along with UAD and MWM, MLM will be separated out as a self-standing division reporting to Banks. His extensive expertise in MLM operations, engineering, and markets along with his long tenure in the company prior to its move from Milwaukee, WI, make Banks a solid fit.

Sorry for all the acronyms.

See acronym key below:

MLM: Man Lift Mfg. Co. (us-Shelby, NC)
UMC: Universal Mfg. Co. (parent company of Man Lift Mfg. Co., Metal Works Mfg. Co., Ultra Armoring & Defense, and ReTech)
MWM: Metal Works Mfg. Co. (contract manufacturing company-Shelby, NC)
UAD: Ultra Armoring & Defense (armored vehicles company-Shelby, NC)

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