Aerial Lift Platform Modifications

Aerial Lift Platform Modifications

Man Lift Mfg. Co. is the go-to resource for aerial lift platform modifications. We realize sometimes you have to work at height and maneuver around objects that make it difficult for you to use your aerial lifts. That’s where we can help. You explain your situation and we’ll work with our highly skilled design engineers to create a solution that allows you to work safely and effectively.

Below are some of the examples of our aerial lift platform modifications.

This customer¬†came to us with an access problem at their facility. They needed to be able to use a scissor lift around a very large pipe that expanded from the ground to the ceiling. Not only did they need a modification to the side rail and extension deck but they also wanted to be able to use the scissor lift in it’s standard style.

With these requirements in mind, our engineering team came up with this solution. Instead of the typical extension deck that comes out from the back of the lift’s platform, we designed a side extension deck so the platform moves from side to side instead of back to front.

Next we designed and manufactured a removable railing and toe guard with a “U” cut out on the side which would allow the customer to work around the challenge in their facility.

This customer’s access challenge was the side of the scissor lift. The customer needed to be able to extend out to the side rather than the front to back, like the typical scissor lift. They also needed to be able to enter into another door from the side of the scissor lift.

The Side Extension Deck is a modification that will help them move their equipment on and off of an airplane. The lift will raise up in the air, the deck will extend closer to the airplane and then the modified additional side gate will allow the worker to step off the platform into the airplane.

We were able to complete this requested platform modification initially by removing the existing platform from the scissor stack. Next we created a standalone platform that would allow the side to side movement instead of the front to back movement. We then designed and manufactured a new interface deck that allowed for the new extension deck to move side to side. Once all parts were engineered and built we attached the new standalone platform, which included the additional side gate, to the new interface deck using slider pads and hydraulic cylinders.