SHU Scissor Lift Attachment


Vertical access challenges? The SHU fits.

No more using ladders or standing on mid-rails, buckets and planks on the platform. SHU (Step Higher Unrestricted) facilitates safe, OSHA compliant access to narrow spaces, for example ceiling grids and joists.

SHU is a compact, vertical extension deck attachment for scissor lift platforms. Designed to replace existing extension decks, installation is a quick and simple process. SHU safely increases working height and can be used with the rails up or lowered with our fall protection system.

Step into our SHU.

  • Remove existing extension deck and roller bracket assembly
  • Lift and position the SHU onto the top of the scissor platform
  • Insert platform roller wheels and brackets, reinstall roller bracket assembly
  • Secure the SHU to the platform using the provided hardware
  • Connect provided cutout switch to quick connect
  • ANSI A92.6 Compliant
  • CSA B354.2 Compliant
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Fall protection anchorage
  • Safety cutout disables lift operation while on SHU platform when rails are lowered
  • SHU platform adds 20” of height
  • Safe access to narrow areas
  • Reduces the need for ladders
  • Eliminates standing on railings, buckets or planks
  • Provides access to small overhead spaces, for example ceiling grids and joists
  • When needed, rails can be lowered for additional access
  • Customer and market driven design in response to real industry challenges
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Easily replaces existing extension deck
  • Retrofit to 2004 and newer, 30” and 32” wide Genie scissor lifts
Download SHU Info Package [pdf]
  • SHU Specs
  • SHU Operation Safety Guide
  • SHU Genie Approval Letter
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SHU: Vertical Access



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